Sportz, Scene 5 | Kayden Gray & Rico Fatale | 2018

Rugby boys in their tight muscle hugging jerseys and oh-so-shorts shorts sit next to each other after what must have been a draining training session, studded boots and high socks entwine each other and the hands start to wander, checking out each others impressive bulges… looks like rugby practice won’t be the only thing that’s draining these lads! Kayden Gray instantly asserts a dominance with his partner Rico Fatale. Both guys are evenly matches, tall, lean and strong. Angular masculine facial features and a voracious sexual appetite! It takes all of about 15 seconds before the guys have pounced on each other, they start peeling clothes off and getting their incredibly massive cocks out of those tiny shorts! Slipping into submissive, I’ll-do-anything-to-please-ya role, Rico Fatale gets on his knees, arches his back and pops that impressive arse out. Kayden rises to his feet and sticks his 9+” into Ricos willing gob. He lets Rico worship his meat for a bit, slobber, choke and gag on that giant dick! Then comes the time to rail his throat with it. Holding his head, grabbing his hair and cupping the other hand under his chin, his skull is now just an object for him to fuck, a warm hole. Shorts off and legs spread wide, Rico lays back and lets Kayden suck his cock. Giving each other similar sorts of treatment, my turn-your turn. Though Kayden steps it up a notch by stuffing a few fingers up his exposed arse as he simultaneously deep throats him. The boys have some fun giving each other quick fire suck offs, 15 seconds each, swapping back and forth. Nice to see they’re even sporting about some blowjobs, or they just can’t get enough of each others cocks! Kayden pulls out a bench, gets Rico on it and gives his hole/cock/balls the full treatment. Fingers, tongue, stubble, slap, suck… Rico is going wild! Bend the fuck over and take his dick! Kayden edges his monster, all the inches deep into Ricos very talented hole, pulling him into doggy, ramming him into a one leg up, almost pile drive! Taking the full force and size of him as best and hard as he can! Rico jumps on top and rides him expertly, his own super sized dick, solid, bouncing about all over the place. Thijs is a wild fuck to say the least, throw in a few more advanced positions, designed for maximum penetration and maximum pleasure and you’ve got the most intense rugby fuck I’ve ever seen! The chemistry was undeniable here, bravo gentlemen!

Rates : 69

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