Son Swap: European Vacation – Full Movie (MEN / 2016)

“Vadim Black and his father make their way to Barcelona to visit Allen King and his dad. The two sons can barely make it up the stairs and away from their fathers before their passionate lovemaking begins – even though Allen’s girlfriend has yet to leave the house. Distance has grown their desire to a fever pitch; Vadim works Allen’s shaft and hole with his hungry mouth before taking the plunge into the sexy Spaniard’s ass.

Jessy Ares is shocked to find out his son has been sleeping with Allen, but also maybe a bit jealous? There’s only one way for him to find out if his son is being serviced the right way. Allen is a fuck the whole family can enjoy.

Vadim makes sure Trenton Ducati doesn’t miss out on the son-swapping fuck fest going down in his own home. In an act of defiance Trenton takes Vadim’s smoothly toned body for his own, sucking the cock that fucked his son before filling him up with his huge dick.”

Rates : 156

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