Rock Hard FUCK – James Manziel Rides Michael Santos (2017)

We’re REALLY proud of this scene. Michael Santos and James Manziel arrive on set all ready to go. We could tell they didn’t want to waste much time talking, so we just asked a few questions before letting them go for it.

Michael is still pretty new to the whole game, but said he was feeling “Comfortable and Confident.”

We warned James that Michael was a pretty strong guy, but James said he was ready for “some man handling.”

We like to do everything in as few takes as we can. You all tell us that what you like the most about GayHoopla scenes is how real and natural they are. Most of this scene you’ll see is just one continuous take. The guys just naturally go for it and just let themselves get into it.

That first kiss you can always tell how a scene is going to go. Michael rolls James right over on his back and kisses with a LOT of tongue. He’s not faking this, he’s really into it and can’t wait to get his hands on James’ smooth body and REALLY can’t wait to get his dick up James’ butthole.

James gets Michael on his back and works off all the clothes… pulling out Michael’s uncut dick – that’s already half-hard – and sucks it. Michael loves that and gives him a good face fucking.

“Is it my turn,” James says, pulling out his fully-hard dick (you know they’re really into it when sucking dick gets them hard) and crawling up to straddle Michael’s face. The two young men are both hard and gasping for air as you get that “super closeup” view of their bodies. James bulging pec and shoulder muscles are twitching as Michael sucks him. We make sure you get all the best views of that action. “Can you do that to my ass?” James asks. “yeah,” answers Michael and we get a good view of James’ muscular ass getting eating and tongued. “You got a sweet ass,” Michael tells him. Yes, he does.

When it’s time to fuck, Michael asks James “You want me to pound that ass?” James is really ready for some dick in his hole. He wasn’t kidding. Michael slams his uncut dick in James with some POWER… “how’s that cock for you?” he asks… James answers back “HARDER.” James just can’t get enough of that dick slammed HARD into him. Michael clearly loves what it’s doing to James. Both of them are hard as rocks and James’ dick bobs up and down while he’s getting his hole pounded.

The riding position is going to be the favorite for a lot of you… Sitting down on Michael’s dick, we get a HOT view of James’ big, muscular chest, his rock-hard dick and that innocent look he gets when he’s really enjoying himself.

“I’m SO deep in you” Michael yells out while James grinds his dick down on him. The camera angles are perfect. You say you wanna see some good closeups of the penetration… trust us, you get them here. “OH I want that cum,” yells Michael and James blows his load all over his chest while he’s getting his ass pounded.

You might think the action is over, but Michael gets James back on all fours and fucks him more until he blows his own load all over James’ back.

Even the guys agree this is “one of the best ones.”

Rates : 91

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