Road work ahead! – Full Movie (2009)

Road Work Ahead from Man’s Art finds Kawan hard at work until the arrival of Criss Cross sees him distracted. Criss starts pissing all over Kawan before Kawan turns the tables and pisses and spits on Criss. Of course that leads to a delicious sucking and rimming session, with intense fingering in preparation for a deep dicking. Criss is fucked until he is happy to take Kawan’s cum in his mouth, spicing things up with some more spitting. Alex is on his break, reading his newspaper, in scene two when a curious Tomas arrives. Alex starts checking out Tomas, eyeing up his beefy cock and pert ass before investigating his hungry hole with his tongue. Tomas sucks on Alex’s nipples while massaging his cock. The horny brunette begs to have that tool inside him, but Alex is patient and first prepares his hungry hole with a couple of fingers. Tomas cannot hold out anymore and needs to have that hard cock inside of him. Alex’ excitement boils over and he soon cums all over Tomas’ spicy little arse. On their break, Kriss and Philipp are watching Criss Cross. Cross enjoys every second of their pissing and spitting as Kriss and Philipp abusively slap his face and verbally humiliate him. With Cross on his knees, Kriss and Philipp turn their attention to one another – nipple rubbing and intense kissing. Cross is ordered to work his tongue into Kriss’ hole, before Philipp takes the action into his own hands, massaging Kriss asshole before fisting him hard. That hungry hole swallows the hand completely, and the three of them end things up with lots of cum over Kriss. Hard worker Kawan gets cornered by Paul. Paul can’t take his eyes off the Brazillian stud, and starts touching and licking the boy. Kawan allows Paul to massage his cock and balls before Kawan takes Paul into his mouth. Kawan rims and massages Paul’s hole with his fingers before Kawan fucks him hard. After a delightful cumshot the action ends with Paul being pissed on. Criss Cross checks out Alex in the last scene. Chris sucks the full length of Alex’s cock while jerking on his cock. Extremely excited, he move his hungry mouth to Alex nipples, kissing and biting them. Alex swallows Cross’ dick greedily before massaging Cross’ hole with his fingers. Soon enough Criss has his hole filled with Alex’s tool, before Criss receives Alex’s cum all over his face!

Rates : 11

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