Love Always – Full Movie (CockyBoys / 2015)

Love Always. Having someone you could rely on through tough times, through happy times and every time in between is not to be taken lightly. It’s even harder for a performer to find that special person to share those moments with. That is why we’re celebrating our porn star couples. They’ve been able to merge their on-camera life with their private ones and the results are spectacularly beautiful.

Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are two of porn’s most well-known stars. With Austin’s bad boy mystique and thick cock, and Anthony’s hard, muscled body and baby face, it’s easy to see why these two have each developed huge fan bases. This unique video, however, shares a highly personal glimpse into their lives as a serious couple that’s hard to find in the industry. While fans know them as a hot couple with mind-blowing sexual chemistry, Austin and Anthony want the world to know their relationship has a certain depth not usually revealed so publicly.

It’s not very often we get to shoot two partners that are in love, and when we do it’s always with a bit of hesitation. Shooting lovers having intimate sex is a tremendous challenge and responsibility, as new levels of trust must be created between all involved. Expectations, sexual dynamics, and perceptions all become heightened as we open the door to this very special safe space, and allow others to peek in. This was the case with Allen King and Angel Cruz, both long time friends, yet newly minted boyfriends. They are charming and delightful together. Allen is quiet but commands attention, while Angel’s vivaciousness and charm is overwhelming. Together they make a perfect team supporting one another, poking fun, and each making sure the other is happy in the moment. Maybe that can be contributed to the early stages of young love; regardless it is the building blocks to a foundation of mutual respect that helps keep love alive.

Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande met on the dating app Jack’d less than a year ago, and now they’ve been in a fully committed relationship. Interestingly enough, they both worked in porn prior to meeting each other yet neither of them knew and they both were too scared to tell each other. When Jack finally owned up to it, Lukas admitted it too and a huge weight was lifted – now they could mix business and pleasure.

I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall while Kennedy Carter and sexy motherfucker Ivan suck and fuck each other. So when I saw them at one of our parties I couldn’t help but ask if they would ever consider doing a scene together for CockyBoys. Ivan had never done porn, and has been asked coutless times, and he was instantly turned on when I suggested the idea. Game on! So, we did things a little differently this time. We set up the cameras and left the room and asked them to make their own sex tape. When we got the tapes back, we were completely blown away from what we saw… like, wow! The passion, the raw intensity, the connection, the way they kissed and looked into each others eyes while fucking each other. They were so comfortable with one another and knew exactly how to turn the other one on. That’s the real stuff that cannot be faked on camera. Nor will they ever do it again. Kennedy and Ivan decided that this would be the one and only time. And they did it for us. With love. With passion. And a lot of spit.

Ricky Roman loves getting naked outdoors, so the guys started jerking each other off and exchanging blowjobs on the lake shore next to a very public highway overpass. But as things heated up, they decided to move to a more secluded space in the woods where Mikey pounded Ricky in several different positions while they sweet-talked the entire time. After Mikey climaxed on Ricky’s lower back, he did Ricky the sweet favor of jerking off his cock for him until he came as well. Now that’s an example of true love.

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