Czech Hunter 390

I met Honza while he was waiting for a bus. He was nice enough to show me the way but didn’t want to talk. Well, 2 000 Crowns made him very talkative. The boy was on the way home from the gym. That sounded very interesting. He was also sort of a businessman, which worried me a little. He definitely knew how to negotiate. I had to pay hard for everything he did. The boy was shy and freezing so I barely managed to undress him. We had to find a discreet place inside. I didn’t expect much to happen but the guy surprised me. He wasn’t even undressed yet when his huge boner slipped out of his undies! The boy was incredible and started to enjoy being my little sex toy. He earned every single Crown I paid him ten folds. I am definitely keeping this boy’s number for later use.

Rates : 287
  1. AussieHunter / 13. January 2019

    Is CzechHunter running out of models? In the last 12 months or so, I found episode 376 as the only video good for the wank bank.

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  3. Xoxo / 20. January 2019

    This guy is a pornstar

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