Analyze This – Kayden Gray & Emir Boscatto (2016)

Huge juicy cock! If you don’t usually read through the synopsis of our films I needed to get straight to the main point right from the outset . This film is hot on so many levels but Kayden, seemingly the underdog, filling boss emirs ass with his dick, is unmissable. The shots of that thick rod penetrating between Emir’s muscled Butt cheeks and stretching his hole as he sits astride the young job candidate, are just so clear and well filmed that you’d be forgiven for thinking this section alone makes the whole film. However, “analyze this” also appeals to the voyeurs among you as Kayden who turns up for an interview is confronted by domineering executive Emir Boscatto who’s silence and piercing gaze, is unnerving and when Emir turns on a camera to record the strange meeting the awkward atmosphere steps up a notch. But as Emir begins to feel Kayden’s cock through his fly, it’s Kayden who takes the reigns and has Emir taking his huge cock to the back of his throat before fucking him, as they both watch the whole experience being captured on the interview camera .

Rates : 21
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